AL Custom AL25 Malefica - livebait trolling: dentex

A dentex caught while livebait trolling (AL CUSTOM AL25 “Malefica”)

If you decide to search for dentex while livebait trolling , the bait has to be specifically aimed. The first choice is the squid, which is as good as the horse mackerel, tireless swimmer, die hard and shiny from far away.
As to its size you can certainly say that if you can find them, those from twenty centimeters on are better than the small ones.
However, without bait of first choice, while searching for dentex any little fish can work, including those of the bottom as combers and painted combers, being aware of trolling them between zero and one knot, maximum.
Garfish? Sure, but especially for very large dentex because with those that do not exceed four or five kilos you are likely to risk a bit of lost strikes.
A really effective system of livebait trolling in order to induce a dentex to attack is to let the bait swim as close as possible to the bottom. For this reason, live bait fishing using trolling sinkers is unbeatable, as it allows you to “feel” the bottom with the line, keeping the bait in an almost constant contact with the rocks.
However, it’s necessary to consider that some half water strike is more than possible; to avoid losing this opportunity, the best solution should be handling, from the fisherman transom, two rods at the same time: one near the bottom and the other keeping the bait all the time lifted for at least ten meters from the bottom.

AL CUSTOM AL21: a dentex caught while livebait trolling

AL CUSTOM AL21 “Akabatuna”: dentex with live bait

Regarding the best spots, rough rocky shallows, slopes with plenty of clefts, areas covered with posidonia scattered with rocks, are the best natural environments, especially if located on depths between 20 and 50 meters.
The best way to face the shallows is to focus the attention on steep slopes and close by. The top of the shallows are less crowded, while the flat outlying areas can be profitable, but almost only if located between two shoals.

contenent by Andrea Lia
photos: AL CUSTOM AL25 “Malefica” – AL CUSTOM AL21 “Akabatuna”

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