The school of sardines spins like a crazy carousel; a sailfish, rather two, three … four (!) They keep a close watch, raiding in turns, sabering and reaping the “fruits” like in a grim grape harvest.
You approach them by boat, you know they will not pay you attention, they are too busy following the flow of nature.
You throw the stickbait a little outside the bacchanal and begin to properly pull it back, trying to get it inside the fish range of vision, hoping that at least one of them will turn its big nose.
The farthest is the one sniffing a possible isolated bite and begins moving away from the safe meal, a victim of his greed.
When the lure is already at its 2pm, he turns abruptly, whipping the surface with the sail and attacks without looking behind.
The 15 minutes biggest lesson of his life… this time, for his sake, with a 
happy ending.

Content and photo by Nicola Zingarelli




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