The Roosterfish (Nematistius pectoralis) is a powerful and fascinating fish.

Roosterfish: it is known in Central America as “Pez Gallo”

The Roosterfish (Nematistius pectoralis) is a powerful and fascinating fish, only representative of the family Nemastitidae, whose most salient feature is the remarkable development of the dorsal fin that forms a real crest, which is the reason why it is known in Central America as Pez Gallo, which means Roosterfish.
Powerful fish can reach a considerable size (170 cm long and over 60kg in weight) , the Rooster is a widespread only in the Eastern Pacific coast ranging from San Clemente in Southern California to Peru, including Galapagos Islands. The best places for fishing are Central American countries, such as Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama even if the IGFA world record of 114 lbs was reached in other hot spot like Baja California, Mexico.

contenent and photo by Antonio Varcasia


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  1. Please advise what it will cost to go rooster fishing per day about 3 days 3 people in an inexpensive boat. I will ask all other questions at that time

  2. Hi Jack,
    Roosterfish fishing is usually inshore, trolling or casting, and depending on locations a fishing day varies from 500 to 800 US$. Good captains are not cheap but are also the best solution if you want a professional service. If you tell me where do you plan to go I can give you some advice.
    In some areas, like Baja, you can fish also from shore. Is cheaper but sometimes very hardworking and not possible everywhere.
    Best wishes

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